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Red sky ventures.

"I bought your Cessna 210 training manual and I am very happy with it. I’m glad you put all the systems info in it." Below are some free things we hope you will find useful. Cessna Single Engine POHs. The following is a collection of free aviation manuals and aircraft flight manuals for Cessna aircraft, including pilots operating handbooks (POH), owners manuals, POH supplements and popular Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs). Here is a collection of checklists by RSV. Note Checklists NEED to be customised for your aircraft or operation. The odf files are provided for this purpose, pdf files are provided for formatting since for reasons unknown this sometimes changes between computers. If you fly a couple of different aeroplanes and there is no checklist provided, we recommend the generic or type generics, but take note of the caution. Cessna 208 Load Sheet. A Cesna 208 Load sheet, available in pdf, or in original Open Office format if you would like to modify it. Namibian Radio Procedures. A Guide for those wishing to complete the Namibian Radio License, a requirement of the Namibian PPL. Namibian PPL Validations. This document has been designed to assist with study for Namibian PPL validation, to provide practical information for safe flying within Namibian airspace. This is an abbreviated version of PPL Air Law and does not contain licensing information. A Validation is ideal for pilots wishing to come to namibia for self hire and fly tours for short periods. See more information on validations on our foreign license packages. The files here have been included as part of the essential great truth that shared knowledge improves aviation safety. It is provided for use as a free training resource for pilots and instructors. Some of these files are produced by Red Sky Ventures, others are a collection of resources found at various places on the web, often without links to the author or creator, which have simply been collated and indexed by us. If any author or owner of the content herein objects to free distribution of this material for safety enhancement purposes, please contact Red Sky Ventures for removal of said document. Unless stated, none of the information here may be used for commercial distribution without permission.